The enterprise “Alaverdi” has newly appeared on the Georgian wine map. The plant was built in 2001 in Village Chumlaki, practically on a bare field and at present it represents an integrated enterprise with whole cycle of production of wine, cognac spirits and cognacs.

The firm comprises a department, where stainless steel reservoirs are produced. The plant is completely equipped with modern technology (from France, Italy and Germany) for processing grapes and realization of technological process. These are axle crushers, sediment pumps, presses, filters of different systems and purpose, devices for treatment of wine-materials, refrigerators and high-productivity line for “cold” bottling of wine. The heart of Firm is the test laboratory with modern technology for conducting physical and chemical analyses of wide spectrum.

During wine bottling and harvesting processes interested persons can make themselves sure in high level of discipline and skill of plant personnel.

The Plant “Alaverdi” is built in the core of zone, which is well known for its Kakhetian white wine made from the grape variety Rkatsiteli that is unique in the world. The private vineyards are 188 ha. Large-scale works are performed for updating the structure of grape varieties. All conditions are created on a modern agro-technical basis for cultivating vineyards in order to upgrade the product, its productivity and provide the enterprise with its own raw materials. Basically vineyards of red variety such as Saperavi, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc are being planted presently. The plant opened its first season in 2001.

Along with release of classical wines such as “Saperavi”, “Kindzmarauli”, “Mukuzani”, “Akhasheni”, “Rkatsiteli”, “Kakheti”, “Gurjaani”, “Vazisubani”, etc. much attention is paid to producing new brand assortment: “Shiraki Valley”, “Otsneba”, “Sanatreli”, “Dedopali”, “Home Wine”, etc. The plant has mastered producing of “Kosher” wines verified by Kosher Certificate KC No. 961324-1.

“Alaverdi” LTD is basically oriented on export. The wines are delivered to Russia, Germany, Ireland, Japan, America, Korea, Ukraine, etc.

Despite of short-term existence, the plant has strengthened its position on the market. From June 2002 till May 2006 the production of “Alaverdi” was awarded with Grand Prix, 32 Gold, 18 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals and 42 Gold Quality Marks.

Everything what we appreciate in the best wines can be found by specialist in “Alaverdi”: traditional varieties of grape, unique compound,
novelty and stability conservatism.

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