The history of the Georgian wine-making industry is inseparable from the history of the Georgian people, from the traditions of vinegrowing and wine-making, which have remained intact passing from fathers to sons. The wealth of vine varieties and ancient traditions of vine cultivation which even the great Homer and such outstanding figures of the Antiquity as Appolo of Rhodes, Xenophon, Strabo and Procopius of Caesaria used to mention in their works – all this allows modern scientists to assume that it was the Georgia which was the native land of the first known cultured grape varieties. It was also from here that the vine spread to many European countries. Some believe that the word “wine” (“ВИНО”, “VIN”, “VEIN”, “VINE”...) itself is of the Georgian origin.
  Nowadays, there are more than 500 grape varieties in Georgia, which
is the World viticulture and winemaking treasure.

Our factory is located in Georgia’s southeast – in KAKHETI. The famous scientist A. Sanikidze writes
about Kakheti’s soil: “There are humus-carbonate soils, which gives high quality production(wine).
Everyone, who knows Kakheti’s winegrowing, highly estimates Axasheni’s, Chumlaki’s, Mukuzani’s, Uriatubni’s, and
Tsinandali’s classical wines”... “Kakhuri wines are famous for humus – carbonate soils. Also together with physical and chemical structure, these soils have high structure of lime.”

Our factory “Alaverdi” is in village Chumlaki. It is equipped with the newest adjustments, which gives us an opportunity to make high quality wine using both modern technology and ancient Georgian traditions. In this zone (Chumlaki,
Akhasheni, Kindzmarauli, Eniseli, Gremi, Shirakis Velli), in Alazani Velly (it is called Kakheti’s pearl) is cultivated 300 hectare of vineyard, which is on 400 – 1000 meters from a sea level. Alazani Valley is between Gombori ridge and Kakheti’s
Caucasus. It starts from the sea level on 200 meters and goes up to 400 – 1000 meters in viticulture zone. The top of the ridge is more than 3500 meters.
Annual sediment here is 600- 700 meters. Average temperature - 12-14 degrees. Average winter temperature - 2,7-4,7 degrees.
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