From the ancient epoch Georgia is considered as “cradle of wine”. In result of archeological excavations were founded grape seeds, counted nearly 8 000 years. Viticulture – is an integral part of history of Georgia. It is marvelous that in XI century in Academy of Ikalto (East Georgia, Kakheti) where studied the author of famous poem “The knight in the panter’s skin”  poet Shota Rustaveli, wine making was taught together with the other subjects. 


Georgian wine – it is not just beverage. It is real art, transferred from generation to generation from father to son. 


 „Alcohol drink company Alaverdi“ is located in Kakheti, Gurjaani region well known with wine making. Factory is built in 2001 in village Chumlaki, in the main center of the zone and famous with Kakhetian wine, made from Rkatsiteli and Saperavi types, which has no analogue in the world.  


It is a complex entrepreneurship with full cycle of wine producing and cognac alcohol. The factory is fully equipped with modern technologies of grape processing and realization of technological process. On the territory of the factory is a test laboratory for the purpose to provide the wide range of physical and chemical analysis. Interested persons can be ensured regarding the high level of technical discipline and factory specialists attending the wine bottling or grape receiving process. 


„Alcohol drink company Alaverdi“  is oriented mainly on export. Despite of the factory is very young was able to strengthen its positions on market. from June 2002, on international competitions an exhibitions the production of “Alcohol Beverages company Alaverdi” was awarded with Grand- Prix, 32 golden, 18 silver and 5 bronze medals and 42 golden medals for quality.


We offer to taste different types of our wines, which differ from each other like people are different. Each wine will amaze you with its different taste, color and aroma. 


Route for acquaintance of Alaverdi wines will be pleasant and unforgettable. 




Nowadays, on the whole territory of Georgia is known more than 500 cultural types, which are the treasure of viticulture and wine making of the world. 


The total area of our vineyard is 240 ha. We made all conditions necessary for viticulture on the basis of the modern agro techniques in order to improve the quality of grapes, yield return, and supply the factory with own raw. In our vineyards are mainly provided the planting of types, such as Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and etc. The first season factory has opened in 2001.   


Most of our vineyards are from 15 up to 55 years. Enriched with minerals, waters flowed from Caucasian mountains feed vines and feel the fruit with juice from where we receive divine beverage - wine.